Project Case for Support

Since 2014, ArchAngel Farms has been teaching sustainable food production with a Christ centered foundation for all aspects of life. We started with small scale projects that developed into large scale needs. These needs went far past the teaching of sustainable food production and have grown to teaching sustainable living practices that will enable less fortunate, and often forgotten people to become independent and rely only on God and community. These skills include aquaponics, hydroponics, no till farming, food security, nutrition, cooking, basic healthcare using traditional medicine, carpentry, off grid electric construction and maintenance, plumbing, well maintenance, and, earthbag/dome house construction.

The people of Uganda have been given a great gift that enables them to create with their hands. Unfortunately, Euro western influence has driven them away from God’s intentions and lured them to unrealistic and impractical teachings that have little or no hope of bringing Joy to their life, let alone a way to provide for them or their families. Additionally, the influx of Muslim influence in the region has given rise to religious oppression and persecution for those seeking Christ.

We have been given a clear vision and direction that we know will begin to bring about a cultural change to the people most affected by outside influences. We are partnering with an existing Ugandan NGO to build a sustainable village and a safe harbor, for post-secondary school aged orphans, those who have aged out of their homes, to teach them practical skills that they can use to implement freedom from oppression and give them the life God intended for them. These young men and women, who otherwise would be sent out into the street, will now have an opportunity to flourish and hopefully start families of their own. By partnering up, we omit the lengthy government approval process for another NGO and save thousands of dollars. The goal is for the students to become the teachers and the campus to become a village. The students will be responsible for the construction of the village homes, and after living at the village and contributing for seven years, the home they built and live in, along with a plot of land will be deeded to them (with restrictions). This project is for them and not something that will be maintained forever by us. The ideal situation is for ArchAngel Farms to have a five-year involvement and develop a leadership team from the students, so we can turn the keys over to them. They will in turn keep teaching and providing opportunity for generations to come. Orphans helping orphans.

We are pioneering this concept that as far as we know has never been done. This is your chance to be a part of a positive cultural change that can affect one nation to start and then be reproduced globally. You can help champion this project by investing your time on campus as a volunteer or house parent, your financial gifts, your knowledge, your airline miles, or your connections with others that want to help. We will need help with training instructors, planning events to raise awareness, and any way God calls you to help. Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. James 1:27 New King James Version (NKJV)

Eric Wall
ArchAngel Farms