Trish and Eric Wall founded ArchAngel Farms in 2014 after hearing a direct call from God to serve the youth of St. Lucia. It started with their individual desires to live on a tropical island, Trish always saying “Someday I want to retire to St. Somewhere.” Both Eric and Trish were at transitional points in their lives; Trish having left a corporate job of 19 years and Eric had returned to college while running his investigative business.
After some extensive on-line research and two years of dreaming they decided on St. Lucia and began making plans for a move. At first they thought they would just start a small business, hire some locals, and chill on the beach. God had other plans. In May of 2014 they spent one week in St. Lucia doing a feasibility study on what type of business would be successful. After conferring with the locals it was clear there was a great need for a place for the youth to go after school and evening/weekends. Additionally, there was a need for St. Lucians to return to their agricultural heritage and reduce their reliability on foreign imports. God spoke to both of them very clearly that week, ‘you are not going to retire, you will work for me.’

They returned home with great excitement, conferring with members of their church Grace Family and Eric’s Bible study group with Idlewild Baptist Church. Within a week they discovered the term “sustainable missions” and developed a plan to establish an aquaponics farm that would generate enough income to support them as well as develop “Dream Centers” for the youth like the one run by Grace Family Church – a safe place for children to go after school and on evenings/weekends.

Eric quickly began training with world-class experts in aquaponics and Trish began organizing the sale of their house, cars, and other possessions in order to fulfill God’s calling for them.

After spending two years on the island, we were called to a different mission and have set our sites on Uganda.

ArchAngel Farms Current Structure: We believe that two people, just as Paul and Barnabas, is all that is needed to facilitate the mission. A husband and wife can do the work of a small army when guided by The Spirit. We believe this is the rebirth of the mission model that Jesus gave us to follow. A husband and wife, working from home are far better equipped to follow this model than a multi-million dollar a year nonprofit with hundreds of employees and can have a much greater kingdom impact per dollar spent. The pair backed by small monthly commitments can be the facilitators and find the next man and location to establish another Antioch. Evangelists and large ministry organizations have been and continue to work with leaders of nations to direct them towards Jesus, which is all well and good, but those leaders need their people to be on the same page as they are. We believe this is where we come in. For effective change to take place, everyone needs to know Jesus and The Spirit will then be able to do His work on a grand scale.

Of course, if you would like more extensive information and details please contact us.